About Us


Jason Jorgensen

Founder of Third Spring Landscape Design


Third Spring Landscape Design, LLC was founded in 2011 by Jason Jorgensen in Seattle, Washington. Born in California, Jason moved to Washington State at the age of seven, and has called the Pacific Northwest home ever since. With over twenty years of experience as a marine superintendent and project manager in the logistics industry, Jason knows the importance of projects coming in on time and budget. Subsequently, he has turned his life-long passion for gardening and plant selection into his vocation. He has obtained his formal degrees in Landscape Design and Ornamental Horticulture from the School of Horticulture at Edmonds Community College, WA.

 Jason spent a year studying in Japan where he came to appreciate wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic of finding beauty in simplicity and imperfection due to the ever changing appearance of nature. He is also a frequent traveler to Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Mexico where he fell in love with the lushness of the tropical foliage that he often recreates locally with hardy but tropical-looking plants for clients longing for a piece of the tropics in their Pacific Northwest yards. Moreover, Jason has toured numerous botanical and specimen gardens in the United States and abroad, and also appreciates the more formal design principles and scientific approaches that can inform a garden design.

Our company name derives from the fact that a newly planted garden typically starts looking its best during the third spring after the installation when plants had a chance to root and fill in, when groundcovers have stretched out their arms to cover all bare spots in the soil, shrubs start to bloom and new trees have matured to offer shade or fruit. For more immediate satisfaction, colorful annuals, serene ornamental grasses, and a good clean-up can dress up any landscape at once. Many clients also like to complement nature's beauty with outdoor garden art or a water feature and we'd be happy to help you find the perfect object.

Customer Testimonials

”Jason is like a walking encyclopedia of plants. This was so helpful to me when I needed suggestions for plants based on the location, lighting, wind, and soil conditions around my yard. While we were together at a plant nursery that had no labels on the plants, he was able to identify them by sight and describe their attributes. Jason has a sharp mind, is great with problem solving, and is a considerate and amiable person. He is a pleasure to work with.” Tracy D., Magnolia

”Jason’s knowledge of landscaping is unmatched! Within just an hour, he was able to tell me all about the plants, trees, and flowers in our yard, from the actual names (some of which I didn’t know) to the best pruning methods, and the best way to maintain them throughout the various seasons! As someone not blessed with a green thumb, Jason’s ability to clearly articulate the information was super helpful. And his friendly personality cannot be beat!” Jen E., Bothell